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See schedules and prices on this page clicking origin, destination and date of the trip or the options ”Show all stations”, or ”doing the same journey with transshipment”.We recommend access to periodically website to see if the trains are already on sale.

Prices listed are per person and per trip. Check Fares and discounts. The offers are not acumulative.     
Normally the information about the trains is available 62 or in any cases 90 days in advance for AVE-Larga Distancia (high speed-long distance) trains and Regional trains.     

To learn about the offers available on each train, and the total amount payable, must see in ”Purchase tickets” page


I inform you about the discounts for people over 60 years
Passengers are obliged to show their ticket and proof that they are authorised to use it whenever Renfe-Operadora authorised agents or staff request this before they board the train, during the journey or once they have alighted at their final destination. 

AVE – Larga Distancia (High speed-Long Distance trains) 
If you are 60 years old, make the most of the advantages and convenience of travelling by train and apply for a Tarjeta Dorada. This card will entitle you to purchase tickets for any class and train. 

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you will receive a 40% discount. 
On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the discount will be 25% 

The Dorada Card is valid for one year and can be requested at Renfe stations, ticket offices and travel agencies for 5,15 Euros. There is also the option of purchasing the Dorada Card linked to credit and debit cards issued by some banks. 

Regional (Media Distancia) trains
Passengers who hold this card (over 60 year olds and pensioners with permanent disability) will receive a 40% discount for all trains, days and routes. 

Avant (High speed-regional) trains
From Monday to Friday: 25% discount. 
On Saturday and Sunday: 40% discount. 

Cercanías (commuter trains)
TARJETA DORADA Card holders (pensioners, people over 60 and people with a level of disability equal to or over 65%) will be entitled to a 40% discount. 

This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Where to buy the Tarjeta Dorada?
It is not possible to buy it by Internet. You can buy it in: 
Main Spanish railways stations
Spanish travel agencies that sell Renfe tickets 
In some countries there are authorized travel agencies that sell Renfe tickets. If you tell me your country I will inform you. 

Legal document

How to get the discounts on the Renfe trains?
In the tickets offices and travel agencies showing the Tarjeta Dorada. once selected the train and the class you want to travel, every traveller has to select the fare who wishes: Adulto (Adult),  Carnet Joven (Youth Card), Niño (Child) or Tarjeta Dorada. If you select Gold Card you must indicate the number of your Tarjeta Dorada. 
The system will inform the travel price for adult. If you select another fare you must click on Recalculate purchase price to see the price. 

Remember that you should always take the paper ticket to travel with the Tarjeta Dorada and, at points where is established, to make Boarding control

International trains
There are discounts for people over 60 years 

Elipsos Trenhotel (Madrid Chamartín-París, Barcelona-París, Barcelona-Milán/Zurich): 30% discount already applied on the standard fare, provided that customers wanting to benefit from this fare show an official document that proves their age. 

Trenhotel Lusitania (Madrid Chamartín-Lisboa), Trenhotel Surexpreso (Irún-Lisboa), and Mare Nostrum (Lorca Sutullena-Montpellier): senior discount provided that customers wanting to benefit from this fare show an official document that proves their age. 

These discounts cannot be used in combination with other promotions.

Any consultation on the purchase On Line please contact information     
Customer phone +34 902 320 320


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