Tack från Rojales kommun

Municipal social services department

The Municipal Department of Social Services for Rojales thanks all donors for their solidarity with the people in need. Thanks to this solidarity, many families were able to spend Christmas festivities with dignity.

These efforts try, insofar as it is possible, to mitigate the effects of this cruel economic crisis, which especially vents its anger on  people most in need.

Cash donations, total donated: 12,700€, made up of:

Baby parcels: 6,884.40€

Essential parcels: 5,815.60€

Donations in kind from associations, companies and individuals: 250 parcels with essential items.

Our deepest gratitude goes to all the people, who have demostrated their solidarity and donated part of their resources to help others. Without doubt we will continue working and cooperating to help people in need.

Rosa Rico Bordonado                                                  Antonio Pérez

Councillor for Social Services                                     Mayor of Rojales

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